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 Vasilakis - Fire Mage 70lvl

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Vasilakis - Fire Mage 70lvl Empty
PostSubject: Vasilakis - Fire Mage 70lvl   Vasilakis - Fire Mage 70lvl Icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2007 11:45 am


---Personal Information---
- How old are you?
- Where are you from?
- What is your occupation at the moment?
(if you feel this is to private you can skip this question)

- What are your play times per day? I can play all days 13:00-4:30, 19:30-24:00wow time except friday
- Do you prefer PvP or PvE? Or Both?I prefer PvE but i like PvP too

- Are you bound to any people in Core Formation? (ie: would you leave if they would) Alexthegreek and Ploutonas, they are very good friends

---Character Information---
- Armory Link:

- What is your /played? 43days

- Why have your chosen for your current spec? Cause is the best spec if you want to have max dps Very Happy

- Would u be ready to change it if requested? Sure Cool

- Are you willing to work on your gear if it is needed? Ofc!! Smile

---PvE Information---
- Do you have any raid experience, if so, what? And with wich character?
I went full kara run, gruul, void reaver with my character and with my friend's character(he is mage)
- What do you think your role will be in PvE? Dps

- Do you have any heroic keys? if so, wich? I got all heroic keys

- Are you willing to bring that what is required to raids (Potions, Gold for repairs etc)? Yes

---Guild Information---
- What guilds have you been in? Why did you leave them? Dark Edge, The Greatest Ego both disbanded

- Why do u want to join <Core Formation> ? Cause i want to have a guild with good proggresive

- Have you read the Core Formation Information post? Yes( Do you accept it? Yes

- Do you have anyone in our guild who can pherhaps vote for you? Alexthegreek and Ploutonas

- Do you have anything else to say? Nope

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Vasilakis - Fire Mage 70lvl Empty
PostSubject: Re: Vasilakis - Fire Mage 70lvl   Vasilakis - Fire Mage 70lvl Icon_minitimeFri Nov 16, 2007 1:22 am


Gear seems ok - How is your internet connection? Do you get alot of disconnects?

"19:30-24:00wow time except friday" If you first come online around 19:30, then I am afraid you can't join the guild. Our raids starts at 1900, and even if you can make it 1900 - our invites starts at 1850 mostly. And I am afraid that our mage situation is kindda good atm. We always have 3 mages for a raid, so we are all good packed up.

You might have to wait a bit, thank you for applying.
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Vasilakis - Fire Mage 70lvl
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