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 Zurluk's imba(maybe bugged) keyring

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Zurluk's imba(maybe bugged) keyring Empty
PostSubject: Zurluk's imba(maybe bugged) keyring   Zurluk's imba(maybe bugged) keyring Icon_minitimeThu Aug 23, 2007 9:50 am

Hmmm... i just found out about this;) |
i was just looking for my key to arca, so i could open for some guy. |
when i suddenly found out that my keyring was a bit different |
here is a picture;)

Wink while i was looking for the keyring picture, i also found some otter funny pictures;)...
here they are:

and the last one;)... my first time @ prince

ZUrluk <---- im a Shaman!?
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Zurluk's imba(maybe bugged) keyring
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