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 holy paladin

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PostSubject: holy paladin   Sun Nov 18, 2007 12:20 pm

Char name : Frooti

---Personal Information---
- How old are you?
- Where are you from?
- What is your occupation at the moment?
(if you feel this is to private you can skip this question)
- What are your play times per day?
im on for at least 5pm-1am if not more
- Do you prefer PvP or PvE? Or Both?
- Are you bound to any people in Core Formation? (ie: would you leave if they would)

---Character Information---
- Armory Link:
- What is your /played?
33days a bit slack my other char had 133days
- Why have your chosen for your current spec?
find it fun healing pve/pvp
- Would u be ready to change it if requested?
- Are you willing to work on your gear if it is needed?

---PvE Information---
- Do you have any raid experience, if so, what? And with which character?
- What do you think your role will be in PvE?
generally healing MT or raid depending on whats happening
- Do you have any heroic keys? if so, which?
yes all of them
- Are you willing to bring that what is required to raids (Potions, Gold for repairs etc)?

---Guild Information---
- What guilds have you been in? Why did you leave them?
most of my raid exp came from mailce which disbanded
- Why do u want to join <Core Formation> ?
known flaya for a while he used to come on same vent and stuff and generally heard good things
- Have you read the Core Formation Information post? ( Do you accept it?
- Do you have anyone in our guild who can pherhaps vote for you?
- Do you have anything else to say?
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PostSubject: Re: holy paladin   Sun Nov 18, 2007 2:08 pm

Helped us out in ZA today. didn't hear any complains.
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PostSubject: Re: holy paladin   Mon Nov 19, 2007 3:15 am

Yarr Thumbs up! Razz

Undead-Afro afro -Zed
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PostSubject: Re: holy paladin   Wed Nov 21, 2007 2:05 am

Short application - but as i've seen you in ZA - i can say your welcome on board Smile Hope to catch you-line asap for a invite!

Best Regards,
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PostSubject: Re: holy paladin   

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holy paladin
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