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 Levl 70 BE mage asking for forgiveness

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PostSubject: Levl 70 BE mage asking for forgiveness   Sat Nov 24, 2007 6:53 am

---Personal Information---
- How old are you?Im a 18 year old boy, named Stian Mogen

- Where are you from? I live in Frekhaug AKA Naughtyhill ( Bergen) = norway:P

- What is your occupation at the moment? I build houses for a living, and playing WoW. Exapt your offdays saturday im gone wild:D hehe

- What are your play times per day? Monday- Friday: 16.00- 23.00 weekends im playing til i get bored or im going out with my friends=)

- Do you prefer PvP or PvE? Or Both?I dunno whats wrong with me but PVP Freaks me out oki i can play 10 matches on arena just to get points and i can do the pvp daily but i cant handel playing to much pvp gets me bored, What i like is PVE raiding etc, The lovely thing about PVE is to down bosses, just gets me happy, and i think everyone is.

- Are you bound to any people in Core Formation? No im not only thing im bound to is the whole guild i feel so teribull sorry for leaving cause of my naabcake irl friend=S and i think its posibull to forgive something like i did.

---Character Information---
- Armory Link:
But my PVP gear is saved on the armory. so if its anything you wanna ask about /Whisper me in-game.

- What is your /played?45 days and some hours on this mage =)

- Why have your chosen for your current spec? Arcane/fire but if you like me to respecc thats no probs at all. but plis not frost : P

- Would u be ready to change it if requested?Yes as i told 2 lines up.

- Are you willing to work on your gear if it is needed?Ofc im willing to work for my gear, thats a MUST for ppl, cant go around thinking "yeye i will get loot from ssc and the eye anyways so why work for my gear " thats ROFL

---PvE Information---
- Do you have any raid experience, if so, what? And with which character?i have raided Karazhan full, Gruul`s lair full, Magtheridon full, SSC shity place, and The eye 3/4 kael is a fucking naab hate him.

- What do you think your role will be in PvE?my roll in pve i think will be to shoot fireballs at monsters and try to not die:P

- Do you have any heroic keys? if so, which? 5/5 heroic keys and exalted with the most factions, i cant help it but i like to have a nice straight line of Exalted in inactive Razz just locks so nice.

- Are you willing to bring that what is required to raids (Potions, Gold for repairs etc)? Pots and repair money is a need for pve, and i dont think ppl are worthy for pve if they dont brong pots,elixirs and repair money. just my opinion.

---Guild Information---
- What guilds have you been in? Why did you leave them?Thule, stoped cause of my work and was a bit bussy irl... and Core formation, i sdont want to bring this up for all of you, but if the officers realy need me to i can tell you. im not provd of it at all =S

- Why do u want to join <Core Formation> ? I just love the ppl thats in the guild and your dedicated raiding, ppl are joking around all the time, but still you manage to get some proper raiding on the run. Miss you guy`s

- Have you read the Core Formation Information post? ( Do you accept it? yes i have readed the info and as i told befor rulls need to be respected to get ppl to work together and progress.

- Do you have anyone in our guild who can pherhaps vote for you? I dont think anyone would vote for me, not after noyou.=(

- Do you have anything else to say? I hope you will atleast consider my apply. see you all laters
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PostSubject: Re: Levl 70 BE mage asking for forgiveness   Sat Nov 24, 2007 8:55 am

ebay characters arent allowed anymore
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PostSubject: Re: Levl 70 BE mage asking for forgiveness   Sat Nov 24, 2007 9:16 am

Is my mage ebuyed? =S
i can promis its not ebuy.
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PostSubject: Re: Levl 70 BE mage asking for forgiveness   

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Levl 70 BE mage asking for forgiveness
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